Blighted Ovum

It is also called as anembryonic or water pregnancy. Pregnancy sac and placenta develop but no embryo is present inside the sac. The last menstrual period should definitely strongly be investigated in pregnant women; particularly in those with irregular menstruation, late ovulation may be seen.

Should not be hurried for diagnosis; embryo is tried to be seen inside the sac by invitation of the pregnant woman to frequent controls. All signs of pregnancy are observed in people. Sometimes mild maculation, inguinal pain may be seen. Normally, a baby who has fetal cardiac beats should be observed with transvaginal ultrasound inside the pregnancy sac 5 weeks after the last menstrual period.

If the sac has grown and still no embryo is observed inside the sac in serial ultrasound controls, curettage is suggested to the pregnant woman. The reason of the event is usually unknown. In some cases, environmental factors or chromosome disorders may be responsible. She is invited to be checked after curettage and is suggested not to be pregnant at least for 3 months. Counseling before pregnancy is recommended.