Counseling Before Pregnancy

Gebelik Öncesi Danışmanlık

Families planning a pregnancy should apply an obstetrician and gynecologist at least 3 months ago. Within this period, ideal weight should be reached for pregnancy; if systemic or chronic disease is present, drug doses should be regulated by going to controls as so she can use before pregnancy and during pregnancy. The treatment for cyst or myoma identified in examination and ultrasound should be arranged. Avoiding from use of alcohol and cigarette is necessary. Caffeine should not be received more than 3 cups a day. If present, IUD (spiral) should be removed. If you use OCs (birth control pill), you should not to initiate new drug when box is empty.

It will be more appropriate pregnant candidates applying our clinic come to the first meeting together with their husbands. After we get a detailed story from you and your husband, a smear test is applied during gynecologic examination that we will do if no smear test was applied within 1 year. A detailed examination with ultrasound is realized. If she has cyst or infection before pregnancy, its treatment is regulated. By demanding blood tests, required plannings are done. In the event that she has no immunity or is not vaccinated against Rubella (german measles), Rubella vaccine is suggested.

Blood tests to be demanded: Complete blood count – blood group – complete biochemistry –hepatitis B and C – HIV – syphilis – TORCH panel (toxoplasma – rubella – CMV)

Preparations containing 400 microgram folic acid a day are suggested for at least 3 months for women planning a pregnancy to prevent neural tube defect (fetal anomalies developing due to incomplete closure of spine). Those who have a previous story of baby with NTD should receive 4-mg folic acid a day for the first 3 months before and after pregnancy. Those who use retinoic acid preparation because of skin disorder should discontinue it before pregnancy.


  • Mothers aged 35 and over
  • Fetal anomaly identified with ultrasound
  • Exposure to drug-radiation-infection-teratogens
  • Kin marriage
  • Story of a genetic disease in the family
  • Recurrent abortions and stillbirths
  • Previously a baby with anomaly – mental retarded baby – those who have birth defect