Genital Esthetic

Female external genital organs consist of MONS PUBIS (the upper hairy part under belly), LABIA MAJOR (includes hair follicles on the large external lip), LABIA MINOR (the small internal lip does not include hair follicles), CLITORIS (conjunction site above labia minors), HYMEN (2-3 mm membrane that is 2-3 cm just inside the vaginal opening).

Shape disorders may be formed in these organs due to generally birth-trauma-congenital reasons. These organs can be different in each one. Normally, the external lips cover the internal lips. But, if the external lips are smaller than normal or the internal lips are greater than normal, that may be annoying for the person. Discomfort may be felt when wearing tight, tight pants, bikini, or swimwear. One of the most encountered genital esthetic problems is enlargement and prolapsed of the internal and external lips. The external lips can be enlarged, asymmetric, tall, or small. Lips can cause pain by straining during sexual intercourse.

Another problem is the sense of enlargement and looseness that is usually seen in the vagina after birth. Pain during intercourse, sexual dissatisfaction in both parties may be seen because of formation of scar tissue and problems experienced while healing in sites of episio stitch and ruptures seen after normal birth.

Operations of narrowing the vaginal (vaginoplasty), labioplasty (correction of lips of labia), hymenoplasty (repair of virginity membrane), repair of rupture associated with birth are suggested due to lack of sexual drive, painful intercourse, the sense of enlargement and looseness in the vagina, and cosmetic causes. Hymenoplasty along with labioplasty can be performed. Contact with our clinic for detailed information.