Genital Wart

HPV, human papilloma virus, is a virus which is quite contagious, common, and asymptomatic. They can lead to warts in the genital region and some cancers. HPV is found in one of 10 people in the world. Even though contagion through sexual way is most frequently seen, contact with skin can be adequate even. Generally, HPV does not show indications. You and your spouse may not be aware that you are with HPV. In a majority of women, HPV infection is cleaned spontaneously. In some people, it is not, so it may transform to pre-cancerous lesions, cancers, and genital warts. Pre-cancerous lesions caused by HPV are observed in 40 million women in every year. Because of cervix cancer that HPV causes, one woman loses her life in every 2 minutes in the world. Furthermore, they cause by 65% of all vaginal cancers, by 42% of vulva cancers, and by 95% of anus cancers.

In the genital region, white-pink, slight swollen, cauliflower-looking lesions occur. Even though burn by cautery, freezing, cutting, and medical drugs are used, they can occur again. Just as lesions are observed, you need to apply your doctor.

Vaccine is suggested to protect from HPV infections. There are 2 types of vaccine:

Quadruple vaccine (quadrivalent):

Genital SiğilThis is used for prevention of diseases based on Type 6-11-16-18. These are:

  • Cervix cancer
  • Vulva cancer
  • Vaginal cancer
  • Genital warts
  • Formations before concerned cancer (CIN stage 1-2-3; VIN STAGE 2-3 ; VAIN stage 2-3 )

Dual vaccine (bivalent):

This is used for prevention of diseases based on Type 16-18. These are:

  • Cervix cancer
  • Formations before concerned cancer (CIN stage 2-3 )

These vaccines can be applied under consultation of your doctor between the age of 9 and 45. Regular pap smear is needed to be applied every year. The vaccine is painlessly applied with special injector through the arm as 3 doses. The onset dose is completed applying at the 2nd month-6th month. If you become pregnant after the 2nd dose, vaccines are completed applying the 3rd dose after birth. It can be applied in the breast-feeding period. Because HPV vaccines does not contain live virus, they do not cause any disease. It is included into the compulsory vaccination program in America, Australia, and many European countries. WHO (World Health Organization) suggests use of vaccine in 110 countries including our country.

You can get detailed information from our clinic about HPV-genital wart-vaccination.