Lud With Hormone (MIRENA)

This is a T-shape spiral secreting 20 micrograms of levonogestrel (contains totally 52 mg). It prevents fertilized egg to place through changes made by it by making the inner membrane (endometrium) thin because of containing hormone content. Cervix (neck of the womb) does not allow to sperm transition by making the mucus nature thick. It causes foreign body reaction, can be used as contraceptive for 5 years.

Mirena is generally taken when in menstruation. So pregnancy is eliminated and it is easier to apply. Additionally to those who are unable to use IUD, if there is known or suspicious breast cancer, acute hepatic diseases or tumor, and hypersensitivity against substances that mirena contains, it is not suggested to be used.

Although it can be inserted immediately after abortion and within 48 hours after birth, it is not recommended so much because of perforation and bleeding of the uterus and increase in frequency of removal. Its insertion method and follow-up are like copper IUDs. You can get detailed information in the IUD section.

It reduces menstrual bleedings by making endometrium thin via containing progesterone hormone. It causes irregular bleedings within 2-3 months after insertion; amenorrhea (no bleeding) is seen at the end of 1 year in 20% of those who use it. No worry is needed. Because of it’s this property, it is used as an alternative treatment method in patients in whom hysterectomy (surgery of removal of the womb) is suggested due to excess menstrual bleedings because it reduces bleedings. In addition, it is also used in endometrial hyperplasia, adenomyosis, and treatments of myoma. For detailed information about Mirena, you can call our office.