Montly Birth Control Shot


This can be a choice for women who do not want or forgets to use daily birth control pill. It contains estrogen and progesterone hormones. It is injected intramuscularly in the hip or arm every month. Ovulation can realize 1 month after the method is discontinued. The first injection is done within the first 5 days of menstruation, and then it is repeated every month. We suggest to women to mark the days in which they are injected to the calendar. Monthly protection shot suppresses ovulation via contained hormones, prevents fertilized egg to adhere inside the endometrium (the inner layer of the womb), makes mucus in the cervix thick and so does not allow to transition of sperm.

The most frequent reason to discontinue is it causes menstrual irregularity. Headache, dizziness, bleeding, breast tenderness may be observed. Like all methods containing hormone, it does not prevent from sexually transmitted diseases, condom is suggested for this. Before use of monthly contraceptive injection, you should consult with your doctor because everyone is unable to use monthly birth control injection. In the event of vaginal bleeding of unknown origin, suspect of pregnancy, lactation period, history of cancer, high tension, previous cardiovascular disease, and the presence of migraine, liver, and gallbladder diseases in those who are over 35 years of age and smoker, use of it is not recommended.