Points To Take Into Consideration

Gebelikte SporSEXUALITY: If there is no danger for abortion and preterm delivery, permission can be given up to the last 3 weeks after consulting with your doctor.

SPORT: The best exercise is the walking. To ride and to dive are dangerous, not suggested. Walking on a treadmill, light weight movements, swimming can be suggested.

Pregnant women can use cell phone, computer. Microwave oven is harmless. Because security doors, metal detector in malls have no x-ray, pregnant women can use these doors.

TRAVEL: A vehicle can be used until the last 4 weeks by wearing seat belt. Caution should be taken in terms of nausea during sea voyage. Before a longtime travel with vehicle or airplane, receive approval definitely. Comfortable, loose-fitting dresses, comfortable, uncompressing shoes or slippers for feet Gebelikte Sporshould be worn. If possible, frequent break should be taken during car travel. In some cases, mid-calf varsity socks can be suggested. Before airplane travel, a report by doctor should be received.

FLY SPRAYS: Spray used for blackfly, tablet plugged in, or liquid fluids can be used by consulting with your doctor.