Pregnancy Week 10


CRL (crown – rump length) is 25-35 mm. About 3-4 g. Hand-foot fingers, eyelids, the upper lip, ears have developed. Eyelids are closed. Iris (giving color to the eyes) has started to form.

The head is bigger in proportion to the trunk. Brain development continues. With advanced USG devices, you can see in detail now that the baby begins to take shape of a weeny human. Kidneys produce urine; the produced urine is excreted into the amniotic fluid (in which the baby swims); your baby swallows this fluid; intestines beginning to work absorb this fluid. This absorbed fluid come to the kidneys through the hematogen way, and so a cycle begins. Thus, the continuity of amniotic fluid is achieved. This urine is harmless. Removal of waste substances in the urine is performed by the placenta and the liver. Retraction of intestines to the abdominal cavity continues. It is expected to be completed in the 12th week of pregnancy. Knees and feet become clear. Head becomes upright. The parts providing balance in the inner ear have developed. Heart substantially completes its development. Clitoris and penis develop. Testosterone begins to be released. So, in 10 weeks, you are found circumvented the most important period of development of your baby.


Emotional changes continue; they are fragile. Abdomen is still undergrown. Increase in veins close to the skin begins depending on increase in blood volume. It is seen more particularly in breasts and legs. They begin to gain weight following reduction in nausea and vomiting. Loose-fitting and comfortable dresses are preferred. Support bras are suggested depending on enlargement of the breasts. In pregnant women, periodontal disorders are frequently encountered. Please ensure you receive adequate fluorine for both you and your baby. If you have bleeding and inguinal pain, please definitely consult with your doctor. Elevation in the body heat is observed due to hormonal changes and increase in blood flow. Flat and comfortable shoe, cotton underwear should be preferred. Caution should be taken for gaining weight, but no balanced nutrition may carry out because of reasons such as nausea, anorexia in the first 3 months.