Pregnancy Week 11


CRL (crown – rump length) is 40-50mm. About 6-8 g. Organs continue to develop. Kidneys produce urine; the urine is excreted into the amniotic fluid.

Migration of intestines into the abdominal cavity ends approximately at the 12th week. The external genital organs are now explicit; but to say it more clearly, waiting for a while is needed. Hand and foot fingers begin to separate. The inner organs begin to function. This is the week the baby develops at the fastest rate. The external ear canal and tympanic membrane develop at this week. But completion of the sense of hearing is at the 24th week. Muscles found on the intestinal wall begin to contraction for digestion. Hair, nails, eyelids have started to form. Iris (the layer giving color to the eyes) has formed. Double screening test is performed within 11-14 weeks.


The womb continues to grow and still is inside the pelvis. Increase in weight begins following reduction in nauseas. Abstemious walking can be performed with frequent rests. Hormonal changes and skin changes, pubescence, increase in pimples depending on increase in vascularization may be observed in the body. Attenuation in hair and nails may be seen. Periodontal disorders may be observed. If foot cramps begin, massaging with a warm towel, keeping feet stretched by lifting up the feet, intake of foods containing potassium such as apricot, banana, and peach may reduce these complaints. In the event that waist and inguinal pain begin, lying on appropriate position, wearing flat shoes, frequent rest, and sometimes receiving paracetamol in necessary conditions make the pregnant woman comfortable. Constipation, gastric complaints continue. Slight creamy odorless discharge may be observed. You can use supportive pillows when you lie or sit in order to reduce waist pain. While bending down, it becomes healthier that you bend frontward by bending your knees.