Pregnancy Week 12


50-60 mm in length and about 10-15 g. The most important development is formation of the vocal cords. Swallows fluids, realizes its absorption, and urinates.

Finger and toe nails have developed. Both eyes are closed, ears are pronounced. Liver, pancreas, pituitary gland have begun to work. Insulin, growth hormone, milk, thyroid-stimulating hormone, bile have began to be released. The amniotic fluid is at least 50 cc. Placenta have handled the majority of functions. Locations of 20 teeth in the gingival have appeared. Face is in appearance of a human. Some of bones become rigid. Neural system continues to develop; reflexes develop. The sex is distinguished only when looked at the external genital organs carefully and taken an appropriate image. Intestines are located in the abdomen. They learn to swallow with exercises of mouth opening and closing. This is the ideal week for NT (nuchal translucency) measurement. Cardiac beats are between 120 to 160/min.


The womb begins to grow upwards of the pelvis (bone roof where the womb and genital organs are found). During palpation, the womb may be palpated. Because compression on the bladder is reduced, urinary complaints are reduced a little. Nausea is reduced. Headaches depending on increase in vascularization are observed. Skin, hair, nail changes are observed. The black line (linea nigra) under belly becomes pronounced. Breast changes continue. Caution must be taken to gain weight. Plenty of fluid should be taken; fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed. She should weigh herself every day. Complaints of constipation and stomach may continue. Hemorrhoid may be observed.