Pregnancy Week 13


The baby is approximately 7-8 cm in length and 25-30 g in weight. Vocal cords have developed. Intestines are located into the abdominal cavity.

The face seems even more like a human face. The arms and legs have lengthened and are moveable. Placenta begins to regularly achieve hormone production, food and oxygen conduction. The amnion begins to exchange fluid by lungs. Legs are longer than arms. Skin is red and very thin. The eyes begin to move from the sides of the head to the front. The baby can suck his/her finger. The sex can be determined with advanced devices when in the appropriate position. If a girl, ovaries begin to produce egg. The umbilical cord carries required nutrients, oxygen to the baby, gives waste substances to the maternal circulation. By bone structure, the sex is unable to be identified.


The most important complaint is pains emerging in the abdomen and particularly in the right inguinal region. The reasons of these arise from stretching of ligaments (particularly lig. Rotundum) holding the womb in its position because the womb elevates from the pelvis into the abdominal cavity. Complaints are reduced using analgesics and by relaxation of ligaments accommodating to pregnancy. If complaints continue, definitely consult with your doctor. Tenderness in the breasts, headache, constipation, burning in the stomach may continue. Plenty of fluid should be taken, fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed, and exercise should be suggested. Abdominal cracks begin to form in this week. You can use almond oil, cocoa butter, and preparation your doctor will recommend.