Pregnancy Week 14


The baby's length is 8-10 cm. and weight is about 50 g. The most important characteristic is formation of personal fingerprint. The baby is quite moveable..

inside the amniotic fluid regenerated in every 3 hours. The skin is thin. Small cilia called Lanugo begin to cover the body. The prostatic gland begins to develop in the male baby. Ovaries take their place in the abdominal cavity in the female baby. The sucking reflex has developed. The baby begins to suck finger. Bones begin to become rigid. Hormone begins to be released from the thyroid gland.


Breast changes continue. In some pregnant women, the fluid called colostrum may come. Cracks may form as a result of stretching depending on growth in the breasts. Creams that your doctor will suggest can be used. The nipple and around begin to become dark. Headaches and gastric complaints continue to be encountered. Creams used for abdominal cracks may be not effective depending on the skin nature. The abdomen has begun to grow anymore. Some pregnant women tell that the baby is moving but in fact these are intestinal motions. If encountered with drops in blood pressure depending on progesterone hormone, a little salty consumption is useful. Reduction in intestinal peristalsis depending on progesterone hormone, constipation depending on mechanical compression of the growing uterus may be encountered. Consumption of fiber foods and plenty of water is useful.