Pregnancy Week 16


11-12 cm in length, 100 g in weight. The head and neck have begun to lengthen. The baby have begun to suck, swallow, yawn, and learned to breathe.

We can say this, seeing chest motions up and down in USG. Cardiac beats are between 120 and 160. The sex has been clear. Cardiac beats can be heard anymore from outside with a hand Doppler. Subcutaneous fat tissue begins to form. Finger and toe nails continue to grow. Bone development continues. The placenta and the baby are at the same length.


It is time for the triple test. Headache, constipation, gastric complaints, frequent urination may be seen. Complaints can be reduced by taking plenty of water, balanced weight gain, and medical preparations. Nosebleed depending on hormonal changes is observed. If vitamin-C deficiency is accompanying, bleeding complaints increase. Vitamin-C supplement may be required; sometimes nose drops can also be used. Maculations may be seen in sun-exposed sites. To be protected with barrier cream and hat can be possible. Particularly in feet, varicosis has begun to form.