Pregnancy Week 17


12-13 cm in length, 130-150 g in weight. Footprint has also formed. Bone development continues. The umbilical cord has become thick.

Defecation (meconium) has begun in the intestines. Stool begins to accumulate in the intestines; normally the baby defecates after birth. The eyes are moveable. In male babies, the prostate has formed. The baby looks like a human, keeps her/his head even up. The process of calcium deposition in bones quickens. The heart begins to pump 30 L of blood a day.


Skin cracks have begun to be pronounced thoroughly. Adequate calcium should be taken for bone development of the baby. The womb size has reached up to the belly button. Some pregnant women are uncomfortable with greater or smaller abdomen. The difference from other pregnant women is that the abdomen seems greater due to tight abdominal skin or gases accumulating in the intestines. Inguinal and waist pain may discomfort. In the event of non-healing pain with rest or bleeding, call your doctor. Adequate calcium support should be taken.