Pregnancy Week 18


13-14 cm in length, 180-200 g in weight. The arms and legs lengthen. The whole body is covered by a white fatty substance called Vernix protecting the baby..

from the external factors. Placenta development continues. The amount of amniotic fluid is increased. The baby is quite moveable and has sleep periods between 20 min. and 2 hours. The baby is expected to move 8 to 40 times in an hour. Vocal cords have developed. Heart chambers begin to be seen easily.


Mother candidates begin to feel baby's motions as flapping. The baby has begun to do exercises of opening and closing hands and feet. Because mothers don't always feel these motions, there is no need to worry. You may not feel baby's movements until the 22th week in the first pregnancy. Sleep problems depending on baby's motions, compression of the growing abdomen, and frequent urination begin to form anymore. Constipation, gastric complaints, skin changes, thinning hair and hair loss are observed.