Pregnancy Week 20


20-25 cm in length, 270-300 g in weight. Baby's movements are felt even more by development of muscles. Immune cells protect the baby from viral..

diseases for the first postnatal 6 months by passing through the placenta and developing defense systems. The brain develops. The baby begins to react against sounds. In girl babies, the womb and ovaries continue to maintain their development. You can feel cardiac beats anymore when you place your hand on your abdomen. Developing organs begin to grow anymore.


Now you are at the half of your pregnancy and you will feel baby's movements even more. The abdomen has begun to grow thoroughly; particularly gastric complaints, waist and inguinal pains have increased. In accordance with suggestions, you will feel your complaints lesser. Although hazard of abortion is past, apply to your doctor in the event of severe pain and bleeding. From now on, the womb at the alignment of the belly rises 1 cm up every week. A dark line forms between the belly and pubis bone. Skin changes are observed.