Pregnancy Week 21


26-27 cm in length, 350-370 g in weight. The tongue has developed. Functions of swallowing the amniotic fluid are increased even more.

Sleep and wakefulness periods have been in order. In girl babies, the womb has developed and ovaries have begun to develop. The thin skin becomes thick by increase in subcutaneous fat tissue. Cardiac muscles have strengthened and begun to pump more blood. If there is a low-lying placenta, definitely report your doctor in the event of bleeding.


You can begin to listen to music with your baby. They are sensitive against the external sounds. In the event of decrease in baby's motions, walk for a while, lie on your left side, and grab a snack. Be careful for weight gain. If edema in the hands and feet increase in the body, report your doctor. Do not forget to exercise and walk. The baby may have nasal and gingival bleedings. Inguinal pains are depending on stretched ligaments.