Pregnancy Week 22


28-30 cm in length, 400-500 g in weight. In male babies, testosterone hormone is begun to be produced. Testicles have descended into the scrotum (ball).

Development of the brain continues rapidly. The eye lids and eye brows have completely formed. The nails continue to grow. The baby begins to perceive speeches. The body lengthens and its rate in proportion to the head increases. The liver and the gallbladder work. Production of erythrocyte (red blood cells) has begun.


Because the baby hears sounds, read books, listen to music. In veins of anus, varices form (hemorrhoid). It may cause pain-bleeding-itching, increase complaints of constipation. Relief can be achieved by sitting in warm water, medications your doctor will suggest. If there is bleeding, unrelenting pain in groins, excessive swelling of hands and face, fluid discharge, decrease in baby's movements or inability to feel, call your doctor. Take care for balanced weight gain. You may fall because of sudden dizziness and balance problems. Be careful even when descending stairs. Prefer flat shoes. The womb is now above the belly. When you sit, keep your knees higher than hip level, using a stool.