Pregnancy Week 25


32-35 cm in length, about 600-650 g in weight. Swallow and holding reflexes have developed. While swallowing the amniotic fluid, sometimes hiccup may happen.

You can hear from outside. Vessels have formed in the lungs. Nerve system has developed in the spinal cord. Bowels make meconium (stool); sometimes a small amount of it is made into the amniotic fluid. Nostrils have opened. They respond to loud sounds by opening and closing their eyes. The form of the spine has formed.


The abdomen is now well grown. Itchings depending on cracks on the skin are increased. To keep skin moist, olive oil, cocoa oil can be used. Waist and groin pains are frequently observed. Because of compression of the growing womb, nerves are compressed, so pain is observed in legs. Not to stay for a long time, lie or sit in an appropriate position, warm shower, analgesics may do well for complaints. Milk and dairy products must definitely be in your nutrition for baby's bone development. To reduce nose bleedings, you can feel relieved with lavage by taking a little salty water into the nose.