Pregnancy Week 26


35-36 cm in length, 700-800 g in weight. The baby reacts to sounds, touch, contact, and light from outside. Talk to your baby, make listen to music, contact by touching..

on your abdomen, you will feel your baby is glad. In the lungs, development of surfactant continues. Fat begins to be stored in the body. Your baby's eyes begin to open and close. If you light your abdomen, the baby rotates its head that side. Finger and footprints have formed.


Usually lie on your left side, so you contribute more blood to go to your baby. Due to compression of the growing uterus on blood vessels, varix formation in feet and sometimes in the external genital organs and hemorrhoid formation in the anus are observed. Swellings of feet increase; if there are swellings of hands and face, inform your doctor. Sign of pregnancy poisoning (Preeclampsia) may happen. Waist and groin pains may continue. Do not eat too much in the evenings in order to be not discomfort at night. Production of cholesterol is increased by two times. Cholesterol is required for baby's organ development and nerve system development. You can consume well-done egg, read meat, pasteurized butter.