Pregnancy Week 27


35-36 cm in length, 850-900 g in weight. Cardiac beats can be heard even by listening to abdomen. The baby's movements can easily be noted from outside.

The baby reacts to sounds from outside. Sleep periods are in order. The lungs regularly take and give the fluid. The baby can react to light and dark. Retina has formed; the baby has begun to see now. Brain development rapidly continues. Read book, make listen to music, talk to your baby.


Because of compression of the growing uterus, complaints of cough, sneeze, and urinary incontinence while laughing begin. This is seen in those who have given birth before. Pelvic base muscles and birth muscles are strengthened by stopping to urinate while urinating and continuing to urination 10 sec later (Kegel exercises). Because the growing abdomen due to the growing womb compresses on the chest cage, it may cause difficulty breathing. To rest, not to lie on back, and to eat frequently and less may reduce complaints. To take care for consumption of salt, to measure tension frequently will be useful.