Pregnancy Week 28


35-38 cm in length, about 1000 g in weight. Hair and nails have grown. The baby can hear you now, recognize you, open and close the eyes, is quite moveable..

and has gained weight because muscles and bones developed. The lungs have become adequate for respiration. Fat storages have begun to form.


Waist and groin pains depending on the growing abdomen increase. Regular walking and exercise should be done. Complaints of quickly fatigue and difficulty in breathing are observed. If blood incompatibility is present, the indirect Coombs test should be applied. If the result is negative, a protection is achieved by anti_D (rhogam) throughout 12 weeks until birth. When the baby is born, blood group is checked; if it is same with mother, rhogam is not repeated. Leg cramps, constipation, varix, hemorrhoid, waist and groin pains, itchy skin cracks, swelling of feet, and gastric complaints may bother you.