Pregnancy Week 29


36-38 cm in length, 1100 - 1200 g in weight. Adipose tissue continues to be stored. Thermo-regulatory center of the brain has completely formed.

Senses of hearing, sight, odor, and taste have developed. The reason for sleeping within day more than at night: while mother is active, mobile within day, she has oscillation motion done to the fetus inside the amniotic fluid. The baby's head becomes proportional to the body. The eyes are moving.


Particularly when standing and sitting, back pains are observed. Considered this occurs depending on compression of the growing uterus and because of preparation of joints in the pelvis for birth by effects of hormones. Regularly walking, exercises, swimming particularly in summer are useful. Leg cramps can be reduced with magnesium support. If swelling on hands and feet is too much, consult with your doctor.