Pregnancy Week 30


35-40 cm in length, about 1200 - 1500 g in weight. Development of the brain continues. The baby opens and closes the eyelids, is responsive for sound and light.

Hair begins to appear. Toe nails have formed. The lachrymal gland begins to production. Erythrocytes (red blood cells) begin to form. Erythrocytes transfer oxygen in the baby's body and destroy wastes. The baby makes move hands and feet.


She may have waist and groin pains. Varix, hemorrhoid, gastric complaints, difficulty in breathing may be seen. Edema increases in ankles; if hands and face begin to swell, you have to call your doctor. The presence of protein in the urinary analysis is important for preeclampsia. Regular exercises and walking should be performed by frequent rest and without burdening ourselves. Weight should be gained carefully.