Pregnancy Week 32


44 cm in length, 1500 - 1700 g in weight. The head usually is face-down. Because movement area is restricted, the baby moves lesser but stronger.

Hair and nails have begun to grow. According to studies, the baby begins to have dream, but is it same with you? Five senses work very well.


Movements of the baby are observed very well form outside. Sleep problems at night have begun. Location of the placenta is very important. If it completely occludes the birth canal, you have to give birth by cesarean section. If there are bleedings due to baby's movements and contractions, definitely you have to call your doctor. Continue to walking without burdening yourself. You should prepare your baby and birth bag step by step against the hazard of premature birth. You are in the most important months in terms of premature birth. If you work, remind your doctor for rest or workability report.