Pregnancy Week 33


42 - 43 cm in length, 1800 - 2000 g in weight. The amniotic fluid has reached at the maximal level. The head continues to grow because of development of the brain.

Because development of nerve tracts continues, suck and swallow movements develop in coordination with respiration. Many bones have become rigid but head bones are softer. In male babies, testicles descends into the scrotum (Undescended testis may be seen). The vernix covering the body has become thick. Production of surfactant in the lungs speeds up.


Complaints of numbness, tingling of hands arise from compression on the site where the median nerve extends along the wrist. While carrying a heavy and hot thing, must be careful; sometimes wrist splints may also be used. False labor pains are increased. Regular exercises should be continued. Caution for salt!