Pregnancy Week 34


45 cm in length, 2000 - 2200 g in weight. Sleep periods have improved. The baby closes its eyes while sleeping. Hair and nails grow. The amniotic fluid is regenerated..

in every 3 hours, protects the baby from the outer factors. Cell transfer from mother has begun for its immune system. The baby winks, is usually found in the head position.


False labor pains continue to visit. Frequent urination depending on compression of the head on downwards is observed. Mother should generally lie on her left side. While getting out of the bed, first she should turn to her side and then she should get up. We should do walking and exercises without burdening herself. We should to continue to pay attention to drink plenty of fluid and salt. Leg cramps are annoying. Regular exercises, not to sit on the same position for a long time, to keep legs above while lying on the back, and intake of foods rich in calcium may decrease these cramps. When having cramp, we can feel relieved by holding and stretching toes.