Pregnancy Week 35


45 - 46 cm in length, about 2400 g in weight. The adipose tissue regulating temperature in the body is increased particularly in feet and arms.

The baby can hear all sounds from outside, has begun to descend to the birth canal, and usually is in the head position. Its sleep has been in order. Now they gain weight 200 – 250 g a week. If the baby is born, the possibility to encounter with respiration and lung problem is reduced. In male babies, testicles have completed their descent down.


Do not forget to prepare your birth bag. If there is bleeding, frequent and regular pain, and water break, definitely call your doctor. Do not prefer to lie on the back too much. Not to get stressed for birth is suggested. It is known that labor pains are provoked with stress or stress cause excessive pain during action. When labor pains begin, to breathe slowly and deeply will be useful for you.