Pregnancy Week 37


48 cm in length, 2800 - 2900 g in weight. Because the baby can produce cortisone hormone, development of the lungs has been completed; after birth, the baby..

will be able to breathe easily. Because the light is perceived, the baby tries to learn the notion of day/night. The baby begins to clutch with fingers and toes and to breathe.


If your vaginal discharge is too much and there is accompanying bleeding, inform your doctor. Birth can realize at any moment. Particularly in the first pregnancy, the abdomen is felt to descend a little down. By vaginal examination, roof examination is performed. You will decide to birth method with your doctor. In the event that cesarean section is decided without unnecessarily labor pain or taking a vacuum risk, a planning should be made for this. If normal birth is decided, there is nothing we can do other than waiting for completion of the term. The most frequently asked question to us is "how gave your spouse birth?" My wife gave birth with the complication of big baby (4000 g) at 38 weeks, my sister bore twin by cesarean section at 37 weeks.