Pregnancy Week 39


50 cm in length, 3000 - 3200 g in weight. Weight of the baby can differ from position of the baby and person to person. These are estimated measures measured by computer.

Production of surfactant is increased; the lungs have developed. To protect temperature after birth, fat layer continues to be stored. The amniotic fluid is decreased, movements are decreased. Thin hair called lanugo begins to reduce apart from shoulders and legs. The baby takes birth position and waits for beginning of labor pains.


Gastric burning, constipation, waist and groin pains are annoying. You should eat frequently and less, keep the head a little above, drink plenty of water. Continue to walking without burdening yourself. Do not forget to call your doctor in the event of bleeding, frequent and regular pain, and water break. Do not needlessly get stressed for birth. You will decide to your birth method together with your doctor. Hospital choice should be made, birth bag should be prepared. By weekly USG controls and NST, the amount of amniotic fluid and position and well-being of the baby are assessed.