Pregnancy Week 40


52 cm in length, about 3500 g in weight. Vernix layer has remained only on hands, feet, and back. Development of the lungs continues after birth.

When the baby is born, air begins to fill into the lungs with the first breath when cried for the first time. Hair and nails have grown. The baby has nipples. If there is bleeding in the vaginal region in girl babies, it is considered to be due to estrogen hormone passing through mother. It consists of water of 75% and fat of 15%. Hair and nails have well grown after the 40th pregnancy week, the skin has wrinkled, a face of the elderly has formed.


Birth can be expected at any moment. If you have planned a cesarean section, you will already not see these weeks; your baby will be 1 week old and you will be even come to control after operation. If we are waiting for a normal birth, weekly USG and NST controls should be continued. Irregular contractions are increased. Sometimes bleeding with mucus is observed. Mucus plug may be past. Birth will begin within the first 24 hours by 90% but sometimes it continues for 1 week. 20% of births occur before the 38th week. 5% of them prolong up to the 42nd week. Because amniotic fluid begins to reduce after the 40th week, NST should be done. You should decide to wait due to the risk of meconium or attempt to induce labor or for cesarean section together with your doctor. If 10 days are past since expected date of birth, then it is called as post term, post day, or surmaturation. In the event of post term, USG and NST should be performed in every 3 days. Birth method will be labor induction or direct cesarean section. Trust your doctor about that. The most annoying conditions are the baby to make meconium into the amniotic fluid by getting stressed, cord entanglement, and events of intrauterine ex to increase. Our greatest wish is you to get a healthy baby in your lap.