Pregnancy Week 5


  • Primarily the heart develops. Cardiac beats may not be seen by ultrasound.
  • Face lines, eye, ear begin to take shape. Neural tube is closed.
  • Hand-foot sketches appear. In muscles and bones, the early development begins. The development of lung begins.
  • Navel cord emerges (carries maternal blood and oxygen for infant nutrition).
  • It is about 1.25 mm in dimension.

Ectoderm: Brain, medulla spinalis, sense organs, and all parts of neural system, skin, hair, nail, tooth, inside the mouth, sinuses, sweat glands, breast and lachrymal secretory glands.

Endoderm: Digestive system (liver, gallbladder, pancreas), respiratory system, urinary bladder, thyroid gland.

Mesoderm: Muscle, bone, lymph system, spleen, heart and circulatory system, kidney, structures forming reproduction organs.


Continuous sleep mode and weakness, anorexia, nausea and vomiting may happen. Breasts become fleshy. The dark-color ring on nipples enlarges and becomes even darker. The glands on areola prepare for milk production. The thin, colored veins on breasts become pronounced. Mild slimy vaginal discharge is observed. Frequent urination depending on increase in bladder vascularization and compression of the growing uterus is observed. If you have bleeding or mild inguinal pain like a cramp, please talk to your doctor. Metallic taste and taste change in the mouth, headaches seen particularly in the evenings may be observed.