Pregnancy Week 6


  • The height reaches 3-5 mm. CRL (crown – rump length)
  • Organ sketches begin to develop. Eye lenses are completed. The formation of ear..
  • holes and nostrils just begins. Intestines are outside the abdominal cavity, will be at its normal position in further weeks. Liver, kidney, pancreas begin to grow. The heart begins to beat and to pump blood. The beats can be heard with USG. The placenta develops, will take over the hormone production after the 12th week. The brain takes its shape from 3 different parts. Memory and perception develop from the fore brain, organs, message conduction develop from the middle brain, and regular breathing and achieving muscle control develop from the back brain. Reflexes begin to develop. The head seems a little big. Eyes are on both sides of the head. First the lower chin develops, then the upper chin.


Failure to thrive or weight loss may be seen depending on inadequate nutrition because of anorexia, weakness, nausea, and vomiting. Pregnant woman is supported with nausea-preventive medicines and serum treatments. Changes in emotions, quick temper, frequent crying may be encountered. Alcohol, cigarette should not be used because of being in the period of organ development. No medication should be used unless you consult your doctor. Changes in breasts continue. Should definitely be examined in this week. Even more increase in inguinal pain is normal as long as no bleeding is present.