Pregnancy Week 7


  • CRL (crown – rump length) is 9-11 mm.
  • Eye, nose, ear begin to take shape. Brain continues to develop.
  • Cardiac beats can be determined by USG. Arms and legs begin to be observed as very small. Both lungs take their positions. Umbilical cord begins to be observed. The inner ear and tongue have formed. The upper chin and palate have united. Thyroid gland maintains its development. Lymphatic system begins to form. The heart consisting of two divisions are filled up by plasma and blood cells. Blood coming from the placenta reaches the liver. Embryo is located into the amniotic sac. Somites become different so as to form muscle and bone.


Nipples become fully sensitive. Small puffinesses called Montgomery's tubercles develop around nipples. Drop in the blood pressure depending on the effect of pregnancy hormones, inadequate food intake, weakness, nauseas is frequently observed. Dizziness may happen while lying or standing up from a sitting position; caution is necessary. While descending stairs, to cling and to descend are definitely required. While nobody is at home, no taking shower alone is required unless being compulsory. The skin structure may be impaired due to rapid elevation of hormones. Plenty of water and soft skin cleaner can be used. Constipation may be seen. Plenty of fluid and fibrous foods should be consumed. Because breasts grow rapidly, support bra or big-size bra should be used. Frequent urination continues.