Pregnancy Week 8


The new name is FETUS. The length is 10-13 mm; the size is of a big nut. Approximate 2 g. Head is bigger in proportion to the body due to rapid growth of the brain.

The lower chin becomes clear. The tip of the nose forms. Spinal cord continues its development. Esophagus differentiates. Cardiac beat is 150/min. Blood begins to be pumped in the body anymore. Lungs are located in both sides of the esophagus. Kidney begins to form. Arms curl up, their nerve conduction begins. Elbows develop from here. Earlaps have formed. Eyes, ears, nose are clearly monitored. Cartilage and bone structure continue to form. Fingers of the hand and foot have formed but they are connected each other with curtain. Eyelids form and are closed up to the 24th week.


Because the digestive system works slowly due to increase in gestational hormones, indigestion and abdominal bloating are observed. Loose-fitting and comfortable dresses should be worn; she should eat often and little by little; flatulent foods should not be consumed. Sudden drops in the blood pressure may happen. Weight gain begins because nausea is reduced. In the first 3 months, no weight may be gained due to imbalanced nutrition, nausea, and vomiting; even weight loss may happen. No worry is needed. In further months, you will discuss with your doctor so that you do not eat. Frequent urination happens but an urine analysis is required if burning is present. Preparations your doctor suggests, can settle you for upset and burn of your stomach. Increase in pimples and skin changes may be observed because fat release of the skin is increased. Because the placenta will take over hormone release (placental shift – handover bleeding), bleeding like a little maculation may be observed at this week, and a small amount of bleeding and inguinal pain may also be encountered in some pregnant women at the day coinciding to the menstrual period. The womb is the size of an orange. Waist circumference starts to enlarge. Dresses begin to be a problem. Nauseas are slightly reduced. A little weight gain begins. Mother candidate is psychologically more comfortable now.