Pregnancy Week 9


CRL (crown – rump length) is 20-30 mm. Approximate 2-3 g. The external genital region begins to take shape but the sex is unable to be seen.

The most important is now we can clearly see movements inside the fluid. Hands, feet, body move. Earlaps, eyelids begin to take shape. Main organs, muscle system, and neural system are developing. Renal formation is completed and the baby urinates for the first time. Intestines begin to immigrate towards the abdominal cavity from the umbilical cord. Many joints are formed.


The womb have started to grow but it does not appear when looked from outside. Problems such as indigestion, upset, burning, and gas in the stomach begin. Support bra can be used for the growth, tenderness, swelling in breasts. Emotional changes, crying, nuisance, quick temper may be observed. Adequate calcium support should be received by plenty consumption of milk and fat-free cheese. Please take multivitamin preparations your doctor suggests, as supportive. To stay away from foods causing stomach burning is required. 300 extra calories to daily diet should be regulated. Nausea, constipation, frequent urination, and headache may be encountered.