This emerges as a result of unconscious involuntary contractions of muscles surrounding the vagina during sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse becomes very difficult, impossible even. It is seen in conclusion of reflex contractions developing unconsciously.

It can be differently in each woman. Gynecologic examination is almost impossible. Because of vaginismus, they cannot give normal birth even. When the past is examined, it may also be seen after an undesired marriage, a story of sexual harassment or rape, a gynecologic examination, birth, curettage which are engraved badly in her memory. It can successfully be treated for today.

Treatment sessions may extend from 1 session to 10 sessions rarely depending on the person and problem. It is not a genital organ disorder. In treatment sessions, we succeed by teaching use of vaginal muscles with special methods to women with vaginismus. For detailed information, please contact with our clinic.