Virginity Membrane Its Repair

Hymen is 2-3 cm just inside the vaginal opening and in thickness of 2-3 cm. It has a lot of type. It can be totally closed too. Sometimes it can be as elastic as it allows the intercourse called elastic. While sexual organs develop in the embryonic period in the womb, as major and minor labia split off, the tissue remaining in the midst forms hymen. It has no any anatomic function.

In our country and many populations, hymen defloration (virginity) is quite important. In studies performed, bleeding is observed in about 50% of them as a result of hymen defloration during the first sexual intercourse. There are thin capillaries on the membrane. During sexual intercourse, the membrane is torn; bleeding happens. The amount of bleeding varies from the person to person; bleeding may not be observed.

Hymen may also be damaged with involuntary movements in the childhood, trauma, and in consequence of fall over of a thing out of sexual intercourse. Repair of hymen is temporarily or permanently possible with simple operations. Please get information from our clinic.